The Department of Education & Skills issued Circular 0060/2013 to notify schools that procurement practices should be encouraged and promoted.  The benefits arising from using the procurement frameworks include: cash savings, administrative savings from reduced duplication of tendering, greater purchasing expertise, improved consistency, enhanced service levels and legal certainty.  The circular identifies that public procurement is government policy and that public bodies, where possible, should make use of the all such central arrangements.

The Office of Government Procurement bargains on behalf of the public service community (including schools, local authorities etc) with service providers/suppliers for a better rate for all involved.

Schools Procurement Unit

In 2014 the Schools Procurement Unit was set up to act as the central coordinating function for procurement for all schools in the primary sector, all voluntary secondary schools, special schools and schools in the Community and Comprehensive (C&C) sector (including special schools and excluding schools under the remit of ETBs).

The SPU has a central role in communicating procurement requirements and opportunities to schools, driving and measuring compliance to central contracts and managing procurement data across the school sectors.

The Schools Procurement Unit will be able to advise you about what frameworks are available to your school, how to go about accessing the various frameworks and provide support in relation to procurement/accessing

Examples of current frameworks in operation:

Supplies: Canteen Chairs, Cleaning/Janitorial Supplies, ICT Consumables, IT Equipment, Stationary, Office Supplies

Energy: Electricity, Gas, Bulk Liquid Fuels


The closing date for entry into the 2016/2018 electricity frameworks is 31st December 2015. For application form, please click:


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For queries please contact the Schools Procurement Unit at

Schools Procurement Unit, Emmet House, Milltown, Dublin 14

Tel: (01) 203 5899

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