Breda Corr, General Secretary

Breda was appointed as General Secretary in July 2009. Breda was awarded a Masters in Management and Leadership(First Class) in November 2019.

A qualified teacher, Breda has wide experience working with Government Bodies in the area of project development. As a Special Projects Officer with a local authority, she was involved in some major initiatives such as the Midlands Broadband Project, the Rural Transport Initiative, Combat Poverty Initiatives and Second Level Schools Project.  More recently, she has worked for POBAL in the role of Liaison Officer for the RAPID Programme. This included working with Government Departments on RAPID/Social Inclusion issues, advising and supporting local area committees, training local co-ordinators and monitoring the implementation of the RAPID Programme in the South East Region.

Breda has also worked with the Dormant Accounts Fund supporting project development in the Education, Disability Social and Economic sectors.

Breda represents NABMSE on many working groups in the DES, Teaching Council and NCSE. She is currently a member of the NCSE Consultative Forum and was previously a member of the NCCA Special Education Working Group.

Noeline Kavanagh, Data Protection Officer

Noeline was appointed as Data Protection Officer with NABMSE in May 2019, based in the Kildare Education Centre. She has worked as a teacher for almost twenty years. Noeline has a post-graduate diploma in Computer Science with experience of working in the Information Technology sector and is a qualified Data Protection Practitioner. Prior to working with NABMSE Noeline worked in Data Protection in the private sector.

Mary Moore, Office Secretary

Mary has worked with NABMSE since 2005 having previously worked for Kildare Education Centre for two years. Mary looks after the day to day running of the NABMSE Office.

Miriam Lewis, Administrative Assistant

Miriam has worked for NABMSE since 2017 on a part-time basis, having previously worked as a PA in the IFSC and London.