Survey on school secretaries and caretakers paid by grant funding issued to schools

The Department of Education and Skills have issued a short online survey to schools on secretaries and caretakers employed by them and paid by grant funding.

These surveys are being undertaken in response to a pay claim that has recently been tabled by FÓRSA. As is standard practice, the full current cost of this claim to the public pay bill must be established. The Department is not the employer of the staff covered by the claim so the new surveys are needed in order to gather the relevant information. The survey is essential to establish the cost of this pay claim.

The surveys have issued to over 3,500 individual schools. Given the scale of the task and the fact that schools are in the summer holiday period, the Department expects to have analysis from the surveys available in early October.

The closing date is Wednesday 4 September and the Department is encouraging all relevant schools to complete the surveys before that date.  A separate survey must be completed for each secretary and caretaker employed by the school and paid for from grant funding.

Links to the surveys are available to schools on Esinet. All queries about the survey can be directed to