Are you aware that PAYE Modernisation is being phased in by end of 2018 ?

PAYE Modernisation is a new reporting initiative being launched by the Revenue and is expected to be phased in by the end of 2018 and be fully operational by January 2019.

The objective of PAYE modernisation is to deliver real time information so that Revenue, employers and employees will have the most accurate up to date information relating to pay and tax deductions. This will eliminate the need to file P30, P45, P46, P60 and P35 returns as this information will be returned to the Revenue instantaneously.


Schools will have received information on this in the last school year – FSSU Financial Guideline P09- 2017/2018. There is also a section on this initiative on 

If your require further information on this or any other financial issues, please email or phone 01 9104020

Resources on the website include an overview, financial guidelines, a  webinar on PAYE Modernisation and a link to the Revenue website offering free seminars for employers and tax agents in 36 locations throughout the country over September and October

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