Have your say – Teaching Council are looking for stakeholders views on Draft Framework for Teachers Continuous Professional Development

The Teaching Council commenced a process of consultation late last year to inform its thinking as it works to develop a national framework for teachers’ learning. The first phase sought feedback from teachers on their experience of professional learning, and over 3,300 teachers shared their views. A lot of time has been spent reflecting on the feedback, and the Teaching Council are now in a position to present the first draft of the framework and invite other stakeholders to join in the conversation.

Cosán, the draft framework for teachers’ learning, is available to download here and we would like to hear your views on it »

The name Cosán, the Irish word for pathway, has been chosen to reflect the fact that learning is, fundamentally, a journey, and one in which the act of travelling on that journey is more important than the destination.

Second Phase of Consultation:

Building on the consultation process of last year, this second phase offers a great opportunity for all stakeholders to inform the development of the framework and to ensure that the rich diversity of learning that teachers already engage in is recognised. With your help, we can ensure that the framework charts a pathway for continued learning in a way that reassures parents, students and the wider public as to the commitment by teachers to ongoing improvement, for the benefit of those they teach.

Feedback on these draft proposals can be submitted no later than close of business on Tuesday, 1 December 2015 by emailing  cpd@teachingcouncil.ie »

Further consultation

An online feedback form will be made available on the Council’s website early in the next school year and a consultation event for stakeholders will be organised.

A final phase of consultation will involve a series of workshops and meetings in October/November. Further details will be made available in due course.

A Short Guide to Cosán is available here »

Click here to see Cosán at a Glance »